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Master Key Week 7 – By The Grace of God

I had left creating my Movie Poster which was the homework from the previous webinar until Sunday afternoon and so enjoyed the process of putting it together. I just had fun with it! and was so looking forward to this weeks webcast on Sunday.

So this week we are on a diet – a 7 day mental diet!

This means we are to use the Law of substitution from the 7 Laws of the mind to replace negative thoughts immediately with a positive thought. We are to begin at Day 1 and each time it takes more than 7 seconds to notice and replace the thought we are to start back at day 1.

Now I had tried this in September when I first discovered the Master Key Process but never managed to get past the first few mins eventually a few hours of the first day and eventually just gave up!

The diet started with Mark leading us in a forgiveness mediation which left me in a beautiful state of peace and joy with the song “I’m so excited” going around in my head.

I got up the next morning with a smile on my face and found it so easy replace negative thoughts opinions etc with my chosen replacement thought which is “I am filled with the Love and the Joy of God” and this continued for the full day at work and even when I had to sit in 5 mile traffic jam – I noticed that the scene in front of me was filled with the Master Key shapes – The evening sky was vivid blue the lorry in front of me had bright red circle lights and to my right was a forest of green conifers. By 9 pm I was feeling tired and decided to have an early night but before I did I read the seven day mental diet by Emmet Fox where he describes the seven day mental diet and warns of how difficult it is to achieve and “then start in and the grace of God go with you” and had the realisation that the Grace of God had been with me that day.

I haven’t managed to do 7 days in a row yet – but I now know it is possible for me to do this and I have started to build faith in myself.

Thank you for reading!


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