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Master Key Experience: Week 24 and Commencement

So we did it – Last Sunday was our final webinar after 26 weeks of the The Master Key Experience. Of course every ending is really a beginning.

The Master Key Experience delivered in spades – It did exactly what it said on the tin – which was to create self directed thinkers who have discovered their bliss and more importantly know how to live a life of purpose on purpose.

It is challenging to express exactly the effect that the MKE has had on me and I would agree that #Thereisnothinglikeit! I have certainly gained an inner happiness and freedom of being which I have been chasing for what seems like forever. I have discovered my Definite Major Purpose but more importantly I have started to take consistent action to live that purpose. I have not given up on my dreams!

We have been given a vast array of tools to enable our success in whatever direction we choose to go. We know that consistent action is the key to progress and that taking continuous baby steps in the right direction is effortless. This is why I will continue with the meditation, reading and writing habits which I have developed over the course of the past 6 months.

One of the big discoveries for me in this course is that nobody succeeds without a Master Mind Alliance. A Master Mind Alliance consists of one or more people in your life who will encourage and hold you accountable on both your plans and actions. My advice to you is that if you don’t already have a Master Mind Alliance in your life – find a way to make it so!

So this is the commencement of the next chapter in my life’s journey of Living Loving Growing and being Lighthearted every day!

If you too want to discover how to Access the Hidden Power Within to Transform your Life. Click on the Link Below to Add your Name to the Early Bird Notification List for the 2021 MKE course starting in September.

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