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Rapid Transformational Practitioner

Rapid Transformational Therapy


My Purpose is to Help People like You GROW in Happiness, Health and Freedom.


Do you feel like you have tried lots of different therapies and have made some progress but feel you could be happier and more content with yourself. The reason that the change/healing you so crave hasn’t happened for you so far even though you may have tried many different things is that you haven’t fully engaged with your brilliant sub-conscious mind, and your Heart.

Your Mind is like an iceberg where your conscious mind is the part that juts out in the sea and subconscious mind is huge powerful part of the iceberg that remains hidden in the depths of the ocean.The brilliant all powerful all knowing part of you.  So even though you may have changed your mind on a conscious level e.g. you want to loose weight, your sub-conscious is still holding onto an attitude or program which was installed when you were probably less than 7 years of age and you now have no conscious awareness of it.


So by experiencing the advanced hypnosis method of RTT either on its own or in combination with HeartMath coaching together we will discover what it is that has been holding you back, making you anxious, feeling stressed, in pain and / or affecting your sleep. We will identify the root cause understand it, transform it by effortlessly installing a new belief system program about you.


RTT® recognizes and values the significance you attach to your issues/problems, and then offers a powerful emotional release. 

RTT® also uses Command Cell therapy as a technique for purposefully healing the body instead of positive conditioning alone.


I know you want rapid results and that's exactly what RTT delivers.  

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