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Reiki Testimonial: I went to Breege after she had been recommended by a friend. The sessions had a profound effect on me — after just a few sessions I was transformed. I would highly recommend Reiki with Breege.

Kate O'Brien Ireland


"I knew Breege from her generous WeAddHeart sessions and so was very interested in her Advent App adventure course.  The app appealed to me because I wanted accountability and a bit of encouragement in making lasting changes.  I already had a couple of longstanding goals around health and career.  Progress had stalled however so I hoped the program would kickstart them but it actually exceeded all my expectations.  

I found the app really easy to use and set up.  I enjoyed trying out new, positive behaviours with regular check-ins and reminders.  The exercises were short and easy to practice, highly applicable to many of my daily interactions so I got immediate benefit.  The pod was very supportive too and helped me stay focused and very supported, without any judgement, as I tried out new behaviours.  I quickly gained new approaches for improving all relationships and staying calmer when facing challenges.

I would highly recommend this program and, especially, working with Breege.  It has been the best value for money - by far - of all personal and professional development courses I have taken over the years.  Breege made it easy to ask questions and regularly provided practical examples of ways to integrate the learning.  The one to one session and pod meetings were a lot of fun and highly productive.  

I feel much more positive and productive in general having worked with Breege and can't thank her enough for her time, enthusiasm and kind attention."

Anne C. Ireland.

"I joined the app because my level of anxiety was very high and I wasn’t feeling very well.

At the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed because I had to implement new habits, which sometimes is not easy for me. Also, I had to change my program. Then I found it very useful for making myself more disciplined with applying certain practices. It also made me feel accountable for what I was doing daily.

After using it I found times when I can feel calmer and more grounded. It helped me getting in the present moment.

I enjoyed the pod meetings, I loved meeting Anne and Breege, more positive persons than me, and helped me see things in a different light. I also felt very encouraged by them."

 A.T. Romania

"I had two sessions with Breege to get relief from autoimmune symptoms (body pain, inflammation, migraines) I have been experiencing.  I’ve had a lot of pain in my body and could not bear it. I’m so pleased to say that after my sessions and listening to the recording for over a month, I am doing much better. The pain and inflammation I was feeling is minimal now, and I am confident that it will be completely gone very soon.  The headaches are gone.  I recovered so much quicker than I’ve had in the past when I’ve gotten these painful flair ups.  I’ve noticed that when I listen to my recording at night, it sets me up for a better day. I have more energy and less pain when I listen to my recording, than the days when I didn't get a chance to listen.  I enjoyed working with Breege. I felt supported and relaxed. She guided me so well throughout the process and made me feel supported. She was caring, kind, and warm, and brilliantly intuitive to my needs throughout the session.  Thank you Breege!"
Adriana U.S.



When I did my RTT hypnotherapy session with Breege, I felt at ease with her right away. I felt that she really saw me and heard me, which allowed me to trust her and open up. We discovered some interesting memories, and listening to the personalised recording she made for me afterwards helped me a lot. I highly recommend her services.

Bibi, Norway




I wanted to give you an update on my sleep since the session. Last night, I fell asleep at the beginning of your recording within minutes. I just woke up and for the first time in a while, I didn't wake up not once through the night. I slept all the way to my alarm. I feel like I got such good quality sleep that I think my body wanted more and just didn't wanna get out of bed haha. I feel amazing right now and am so grateful. 


From the first time I listened to the recording and on, my sleep slowly got better. I noticed I'd fall asleep quicker every night, from listening to the recording a few times to me barley getting through the beginning of the first one last night. I'd still wake up often through the night but I'd be able to fall back asleep quickly. But it went from waking up 4 or 5 times, to 3 times, to 1 time, and then last night I didn't wake up at all. 


Thank you so much I am so grateful for a good night's sleep!

Kristen, USA

Hi Breege,

We have worked together on two occasions. I have had good use of both. The subjects was one easy and one very difficult, but both gave great results. Your therapy is hugely effective. I really felt happy to give this testimonial for you. It has been very helpful for me, and I like to give back in return this wonderful testimonial. You can contact me if you want to hear that it is true. I am not afraid of telling you that if you work with Breege you are in the best of hands, and you will have the best possible chance of succeeding. I wish you all the best, Breege, in helping clients, and I wish your clients all the success like I have had in working with you.

All you have to do is co -operate fully and listen to the material you get from Breege and follow the instructions Breege gives you. I wish you all the best, and remember 21 days is the minimum, I still listen to the messages still 60 days after and still feel that it helps me, and I already feel that the problem I worked on with her, is improving dramatically.

John Eide, Norway

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