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Master Key Week 5 - Giving and Receiving

“Good Habits are the key to all Success”

I celebrate that I have now completed 28 days in a row of reading and sitting for at least 15 mins everyday without fail – A solid foundation has been created. It is now time to build on it!

This week I get to write and publish a Press release based on everything on my DMP having manifested. I also get to read The Essay “Compensation” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I am looking forward to both these challenges.

The most interesting challenge set for the week ahead is to refrain from giving my opinion on anything unless it relates to a topic on which I am an actual expert or if I am expressly asked for my opinion. I am also to observe those unspoken opinions and judgements – this should be a fun week!

The highlight of this weeks webinar for me was when Davene shared her story of how the essay Compensation and the sentence “The more we give the more we shall get” created effortlessly Peace and Prosperity in her life. Her authentic sharing touched my heart and brought to mind the beautiful words of beloved St Francis of Assisi “It is in giving we receive.”

The Theme of giving what we desire to receive is mirrored in the Master Key week 5 where it states that “All power comes from within, but we cannot get it unless we give.” All strength and ability is the result of use. We are a channel, through which Power flows, but it cannot flow if it is blocked. The way we keep the channel flowing is to use what you have been given. Allow yourself to be a vessel through which Power can work to better the world. To keep the Power flowing through you requires intelligent and careful directing of your thoughts. It requires practice.

The practice this week is to sit and mentally select a place which has pleasant associations and making a complete mental picture of it taking in all of the surroundings and people there. When your mind wanders bring it back to your mental picture again and again.

“This mental exercise helps to hone two important skills: concentration and imagination, both of which are essential to success.”

To Your Success.

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