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Master Key Experience Week 4.1 – My Lightbulb Moment!

I can easily be who I will to be!

The highlight of this weeks webinar for me was the Masterminding that took place after the class. This is where participants can ask questions to clarify what they are supposed to be doing and the thinking behind the exercises.

As Mark answered these questions – Neurons of understanding and realization fired in my own brain and I finally understood why we were adding colours and shapes to our index cards and remembering to notice these during the day and linking them to our DMP. It was a real AHA Lightbulb moment for me.

We are doing all this with added positive emotions to make our brain wire and fire these neurons together. You may have heard of Hebb’s law which states that “Neurons that fire together, wire together” This means that we have already established networks of neurons in our brain by the habitual way we think, feel and experience. Take for example you could have the habit of eating crisps, sweets and snack food linked to sitting down watching TV/Netflix. Years ago in Ireland the ESB had to be prepared for the surge of electricity that used that happened during the ads in the Late Late show. As soon as the ads came on everyone put on the Electric kettle – for my younger readers there was no fast forward facility or recording to watch later!

This makes us follow established thought and action patterns automatically, following the programs we have already hard wired in our brains. Unless we make an effort to interrupt these patterns, referred to as the old “Blue Print” there will be no improvement in our lives.

Neurons – Brain cells

Imagine your joy and enthusiasm for life as you find yourself automatically performing tasks to effortlessly achieve your purpose because you have followed some simple child like exercises to rewire your brain. Sooner or later you know you will reap the rewards of your persistence.

My Blog Post from 2019

In part four of the Master Key Haanel begins by clarifying that the “I” of you is not the physical body, it is not your mind and it is not your personality. The “I” is something which controls and directs both body and mind whose nature is spiritual and is the true source of power.

Haanel explains that in order to strengthen will and realise your power to accomplish, one of the most effective things you can do is to repeat, as often as possible, the following affirmation:

“I can be what I will to be.”

This time around I have added the word easily to the affirmation:

“I can easily be that which I will to be”

And, he continues, do not start this unless you plan to keep at it, because if you start something and don’t finish it, you form the habit of failure.

Last Sunday we were told on the webinar this is the week when people quit!

They either give up altogether or give up giving less than 100%.

So I decide to commit 100%. Now I know from past experiences that when I commit to any kind of change it is like an incubation process and there comes a moment at some stage where my old patterns/programming put up one almighty fight to hold onto the existing programme and this is when I have a choice to succumb to the “molecules of emotion” or make a stance and say to myself – No I make a stand for my new dream and allow it unfold into my life.

This is what happened with me on Friday evening and Saturday morning. I had a good week reinforcing the habits of getting up early in the morning reading the scroll, my DMP and Master Key Part 4 and sitting in silence for 20 mins as directed. I was feeling happy with my accomplishments. I had also got to watch most of the “speed reading” webinar with Jana Martinez – great exciting webinar – more about it in next weeks blog.

So by Friday evening when I had intended to write my blog I felt exhausted and could not summon enough energy to write anything. I decided to have a an early night and let myself sleep as long as my body needed. I woke up later than normal which was fine and proceeded to read the Master Key part 4 as usual and sit for 20 mins contemplating “I can be what I will to be” and as the tears rolled down my cheeks I allowed myself to reconnect with the “I”nfinite supply of energy within. When I went downstairs my husband commented that “I was glowing” and inquired about what I had been doing.

I love the Master Key programme because it is making it easier for me create the habit of success over failure.

Our Beautiful Brains In Action

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