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Master Key Experience Week 3.1

My 6 Word Story for Living Life.

A large chunk of time in this weeks webinar was devoted to editing and getting clarity on our statements of Definite Major Purpose (DMP). This is a written declaration of what our life’s purpose is our Dharma i.e. what we want to achieve in life and what we are prepared to “give up” to achieve our DMP. Our DMPs must be something we have a passionate desire to achieve and are coupled with our Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) My PPN’s are Spiritual Growth and Liberty. The Act of writing my DMP required contemplation of my true hearts desire. Is this something I really want or something I think other people think I should have or be doing? What would it feel like to experience these things from my DMP in my life right now?

The purpose of the DMP’s is to impress upon “subby” our sub-conscious mind what we want. If we look on our mind as a Giant Glacier our conscious mind is that tiny piece of the glacier sticking out of the water and subby is the massive expanse of ice hidden from view. It has 40 BILLION connections at its disposal to put our DMP into motion – our only job is to get really clear on what we want and add emotion and enthusiasm to that desire. The beauty of the MKE is we are not alone in creating our DMP’s – as each participant has an expert Guide who gives guidance on the vocabulary of the DMP but not on the ideas or content as that is the unique to each person.

Last year I struggled to put a DMP together, but this time around I have the luxury of refining the language and emotions in my DMP and getting even more specific about times dates and feelings. I love the way Mark and Lori encourage us to be very clear and specific with our words in the DMP by telling us that “Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”. My new favourite “magic” word is “easily” which I have liberally sprinkled though out my DMP this week.

Once we have our DMP’s refined we read them aloud 3 times per day “WITH ENTHUSIASM” in order to change our brains wiring and encourage our “subby” to get working on our dream.

For all of you that don’t like the idea of “magic” , I include below some scientific evidence of our Brains ability to change referred to as neuroplasticity. In the video Barbara Arrowsmith-Young talks about a vision of learning that for me has been brought to life through the MKE.


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