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Breege Walsh

Happy Heart Coaching

& Fast Freedom Facilitator

Hi my name is Breege. I bring my unique talents and gifts to coaching  and guiding people  to Lead Happier Freer More Fulfilled Lives.  I combine Rapid Transformational Therapy®, the unique therapy developed by Marisa Peer and HeartMath ® Coaching to deliver Fast acting and sustained positive transformations. I have over 2 decades experience in facilitating  Transformation in the lives of wonderful people like you.

  • Do you want to feel Happier in your own skin? 

  • Do you want to make changes in your life and don't know where to start?

  • Are you experiencing Emotional Pain? Pain as a result of Loss? and/or Physical pain?

  • If you knew there was a secret to becoming happier and be free from the pain of your past – wouldn’t you want to know it? and more importantly implement it in your life?

My Passion is Helping You to Grow in Happiness, Health & Wealth.

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