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Master Key Experience Week – 2.1 Building on that Solid Foundation

“Celebrate” – To Acknowledge with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

Below is last years post after week 2 of the MKE. I celebrate that I took the time and effort to write a post for each lesson last year – it now gives me the opportunity to review where my internal programme was last year and update and install version 2.1.

In the second Master Key webinar Mark encouraged us to celebrate that we are all given control over just 1 thing – THOUGHT and that we all have the same amount of Faith further explaining that Faith simply equals what we believe in.

We all have “Equal Faith” so it is a question of where you place your faith i.e. what do you believe?

I find this definition of Faith very liberating as up until this point I had I believed that I was lacking in “Faith” Oh the irony of it all!

I put my Faith 100% into practicing the habits and exercises as laid out in the course last year i.e. I put faith in the power within me – the Golden Buddha as referred to in last weeks post, the results of which have surprised and amazed me in equal measure – more to be revealed as the weekly blog posts unfold.

The MKE defines Faith as “Substance of things hoped for – evidence of things not seen physically.”

I would add to this that while we have control over just one thing, our thoughts what is very much linked to this is that we can decide to attach any feeling we wish to a thought or series of thoughts.

This is HUGE – and the KEY to creating what we want as it is thoughts coupled with feelings is where the real power resides – I will develop this concept with the backup scientific studies in future posts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive aspect of this webinar and completed the exercises “live” with Mark and Davene with a sense of fun and adventure.

The Master Key course has many concrete assignments that are required to be completed within a specific time frame during the week and these brought into sharp focus for me my old belief that I won’t have enough time to get them all completed.

I scheduled the tasks as advised but when I encountered technical difficulties with completing one of these tasks i.e. revising my Definite Major Purpose I ended up crying in frustration and failing to submit it “on time”. The next morning I realised it is better to complete it late that to give up and not do it at all and set about re-writing it.

I now celebrate all the tasks I have diligently and joyfully completed during the week knowing that they are laying the solid foundation for the habit of completion regardless of obstacles real or imagined.

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